Platinum Music & Sports Memorabilia owner Logan Nuttal describes his family’s store as a collectible shop, one that has been around since 2013 after his father went from the sports card business to the carnival business, to opening a shop of what he and his family loved to collect!

Some of the most unique items that come through the shop are star wars posters, game-worn shoes from Jazz players, game-worn Derek Jeter jersey’s, and so much more. Walking into the shop is a true feast for the senses, and you’ll feel like you stepped into a time machine, but that’s not all!

There’s a stage at the back of the store, and every Thursday is open mic night! Started by Mads Maughan, he describes it like a round robin. You can play music, tell a joke, ready poetry, share a favorite quote, this is a place for people to express themselves.

Friday and Saturday there’s live music of all genres, and we got our own personal concert by regular performer Tyler Gould.

Bring the kids, because there’s also an an animatronic show! This cool throwback will make you feel like you’re in a mini Disneyland.

Visit Platinum Music and Sports Memorabilia at 273 W Center St, Provo and on Facebook.