Throw a little dirt in the mix. Moss and Timber stopped by GTU pop-up set in St. George. Shane Taylor and Katie Mariscio love to help people take care of their plants. They came to talk about indoor plants and how they can be affected by changing weather. Taylor and Mariscio mentioned the best soil to use, the location of the plant, and when you should be watering. Moss and Timber offers Halloween decorations great for planters to update them for the season. For more info on where they are located or more tips check out their social media and website. 

From now through Saturday, October 15th  you can get 20% off with the mention of Good Things Utah at the time of checkout. They are located in St. George at 1122 w Sunset Blvd, Suite 2. 

Store Phone:  (435)674-3417 



Instagram: @mossandtimber 

Facebook: @mossandtimber