Deena showed off some of her favorite local artists and makers in the studio today, featuring something for everyone. Skincare, custom Disney inspired artwork, coasters, and jewelry. Find the details and links to each of the four artists below!

1- Hippe Skin: Based in Ogden, this company is passionate about addressing the unrealistic expectations the beauty industry places on women and aiming to inspire true beauty from within. Synergistic oil blends and simple, sustainable skin care. All of the skincare blends that make up Hippie Skin are 100% natural and organic whenever possible, therapeutic grade, and plant-based.

Deluxe Hippie System Bundle: This is our most popular skin care system, and lasts an average of 3 months. YouTube videos give you a simple tutorial of how to use this at night and in the morning (ad lib personal experience).

Ultimate Try It Kit: the most popular with new customers, a sample of nearly the entire skin care line, including our natural deodorants.  This set will last approx 1-2 weeks .

Love Your Face makeup kit: light to full coverage in a powder.  This is a very popular kit and lasts our customers up to 6 months or more!

Love Your Eyes makeup kit: includes 3 full size pigmented eye shadows and our vegan mascara.  

Lippie Hippie Tinted Lip & Cheek balm: you can use this on your cheeks or lips for a hydrated, tinted glow.  

Instagram and online

2- Addison Welch Art: Whimsical, customized art by artist Addison Welch. Disney inspired, or whatever you can dream up.

Instagram @addisonwelchart and online

3- Cat Palmer Coasters: Photographer, artist and activist. Cat shoots everything from her own dear friends, to people you may recognize in the community. She often incorporates props like masks, even fromher own gas mask collection. She’s been making these one-of-a-kind coasters during quarantine, and they’ve been going fast!

Instagram @catpalmerphotography and online

4 – Pixel and Torch jewelry by Johanna Kirk: Growing up in Sweden provided Johanna a built-in love for natural materials, sleek lines, simple and functional designs, which carries over in everything she makes! These stunning jewels are made in her Sugarhouse studio, where she also cut many of the stones used in the jewelry. Johanna’s studio is open floor plan so customer can see her soldering and hammering as they visit the shop. Jewelry is available for purchase in the shop as well as the webshop Pixel and Torch’s instagram is full of photos of daily creations, and videos of Joahnna making the jewelry at @pixelandtorch During Covid-19, there are delivery options in the valley, as well as curb-side pick up, or sending via mail.