Pilates isn’t just for the women

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There’s a reason women can’t get enough of Pilates classes… it works! From a stronger core to better flexibility, the predominantly female workout is now gaining popularity and being taken seriously by some of the world’s most manly men such as boxers, NFL players, and even Navy SEALS.

Marci Anderson and Robyn Christensen from Club Pilates joined us on the show to talk about the benefits of this workout that even men can do. The exercise itself develops neglected muscle groups. It helps to prevent injuries and muscle strains to increase range of motion. Pilates can also create a more defined six-pack by targeting transverse abs. It’s a great complement to other workouts or sports you play. It helps condition the smaller muscles throughout the body, so you can improve performance and prevent injuries. As it gets warmer, a lot of people start outdoor high impact workouts like running. Pilates adds strength and mobility around joints that take a beating during high impact exercises.

Club Pilates offers reformer-based pilates classes in a small group setting so you’ll get the benefits of community while also getting individualized instruction and correction. The instructors have more trained hours across Pilates disciplines than the industry standard, to fully deliver on its promises to its members. Club Pilates empowers its members to make positive changes to their health and to their lives. The benefits of Pilates should be available to everyone and Club Pilates provides a welcoming, safe and supportive space to experience it.

For more information go to ClubPilates.com/Layton.

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