Salt Lake City, Utah (Good Things Utah) — At a young age Coral Elizabeth Hayward’s eyes were opened to the realities of foster care. As an author, publisher, and board member of Kidz Kubby, Hayward hopes to offer support for foster care children and their families.

“My Favorite Shoes,” draws from Hayward’s personal encounters as a foster sibling. The book is dedicated to her sister Kristina, and encapsulates the challenges faced by foster children, particularly the financial strain on families to provide essentials like shoes. Hayward now strives to collect and distribute shoes to countless foster care and shelter kids.

Hayward’s has joined forces with Kidz Kubby, a nonprofit platform that not only offers practical aid such as clothing and supplies, but also orchestrates heartwarming events like Christmas shopping sprees and festive Easter egg hunts. Hayward strives to create magical experiences and opportunities for foster children, nurturing their self-esteem and sense of belonging. At Kidz Kubby, they envision a world where every child in foster care feels cherished, empowered, and valued.

To join the cause, learn more, or contribute to this incredible journey, visit Kidz Kubby’s website: Additionally, stay in touch with Hayward on her Instagram account: @quietheartpress