Pickleball now has it’s own magazine and how to safely install a car seat

Good Things Utah
  • On Good Things Utah Hour 2 this morning – It’s one of the fastest growing sports in the country, and now Pickleball has it’s own magazine. Publishers say In Pickleball will be “the Vogue of Pickleball,” printed on heavy stock and appeal to the mostly older and well-off Americans who live for the game. The first issue features Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave, a former star of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” brandishing her pickleball racket. Articles include “America’s fastest growing sport: How pickleball conquered the nation,” and “Quiz: What kind of pickleball player are you?”
  • Plus, many people commit to taking their dogs for a walk no matter the weather, believing that they’re doing their companion a favor. However, walking dogs in extreme weather could be dangerous, and even lethal, to them. This year, the US and other areas of the world experienced severe heat waves, with many areas breaking all-time record highs. Despite the extreme heat some areas faced, many people continued to walk their dogs outside on the scolding hot cement. While some dog owners may be downright negligent, others may not know that it’s too hot for their pups. Click here to find out a quick trick that will help you know if it’s too hot to walk: https://blog.theanimalrescuesite.greatergood.com/is-it-too-hot-to-walk-dog/
  • And why one blogger says talking to herself out loud has helped with her anxiety. Could it work for you?
  • Finally, Victoria’s Secret is now phasing out ‘Angel’ store displays and introducing curvy mannequins as part of the brand refresh. It’s a big change for the company who is introducing a whole new look for its retail stores.
  • And in our Parenting Moment this morning – we are talking safety for your children. An average of 46% of child safety seats are incorrectly installed or misused. 49% of rear-facing infant car seats were misused. The most frequent type of misuse was an incorrect amount of recline in the car seat. Rear-facing seats should recline between 30 and 45 degrees, but the study found that the angle was less than 30 degrees for 16% of rear-facing infant car seats. Surae shows us a video of the right way to install.
  • At the end of the show, are you a Momaholic? What does that even mean? As a mom, sometimes you can get so involved with parenting responsibilities, playdates, bedtimes, and balanced meals that you forget to make time for something equally as important: Yourself. If this sounds like you, think about your mindset and ask yourself—are you a Momaholic? Surae tells us more. Hope you tune in this morning to a Wednesday edition of GTU Hour 2.

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