Phrases to avoid during the holidays

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With Thanksgiving almost just a week away, Val Baldwin is here giving tips on how to prevent arguments and fights during holiday gatherings. Baldwin is a Certified Relationship Coach so she knows of all the phrases that should be avoided.

While interacting with friends, family, co-workers, etc. there are certain phrases that make people tick or could come across the wrong way. The first phrase she recommends avoiding is “I don’t care.” She said even if you don’t care about what someone is saying, you shouldn’t say that because it’ll seem like they’re not worth your attention. Instead, Baldwin recommends saying “I don’t think that’s a safe topic to talk about.”

She also says to avoid saying “if you say so, whatever, what’s your problem, and shut up,” since they all sound rude or passive-aggressive. There are better ways to get your point across that are less confrontational which she highlights in the video above. To ensure touchy topics aren’t brought up, Baldwin advises people to say the things they don’t want to be discussed at the beginning of the gathering so it’s known ahead of time.

For more advice, be sure to visit Baldwin’s website!

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