If you’re looking for ways to improve your health look no further than this segment today where Kristin
Fuller joins us to talk about her company, I Choose Healthy, and her great product ICH-Balance Genetic

Employing similar testing methods used by 23andme, Fuller’s genetic test is done by using a saliva-filled
test tube that analyzes your unique genetic makeup and then tells you all about your metabolic rate and
provides other helpful information to give you a personalized diet and exercise plan.

After purchasing an ICH-Balance Test and doing a saliva swab, test takers will receive an email to
schedule a personal meeting with Fuller to go over personalized results. Diet and exercise suggestions
are discussed in the meeting to provide customers with an in-depth and personalized plan. s

To learn more about Fuller’s genetic test you can go to her website at www.i-choose-healthy.com or
reach out to her by email through kristen@i-choose-healthy.com you can also connect with her on
Instagram at @I.choose.healthy