Personalized DIY holiday decorations

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Nothing is better than a personal homemade gift from a loved one! Miranda Webster of Tinsel and Wheat is here showing viewers how to make easy but creative DIY ornaments and keychains.

She showcased a whole collection of resin decorations she’s made in the past and even brought the kit with her to let Surae give it a try. Webster describes resin as liquid plastic that hardens which makes for tons of creative opportunities. She says these are so customizable and to get creative with it because the ideas are endless. After watching her make them it seriously works like magic and is seems addicting.

While ornaments and keychains work perfectly for this DIY project, there are so many other items that can be made. For example, Webster has created coasters, earrings, letters, etc.

It is so fast and easy Surae was able to finish her decoration before the segment was even over. Webster also said you can get your kids involved which could be a great holiday activity for them. She has all the information so be sure to check out her website and Instagram to learn more. Also, watch the video above to see exactly how to make them!

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