GOOD THINGS UTAH (Salt Lake City, UT) – Abby Bowler, Co-founder of SadieB joined GTU hosts Savvy and Deena to share her message of the beauty in personal care. 

SadieB is a personal care brand that was created by girls for girls. Sister duo, Abby and Sadie Bowler grew up styling hair for dances, weddings, and other events and were deeply immersed in the personal care industry early on. The Bowlers noticed how out-of-touch personal care brands seemed with girls their age. It was brought to their attention that there was no connection between personal care products and their interests and lifestyles as students and athletes.

SadieB offers four product lines: the Go-Getter, the Athlete, the Adventurer, and the Creator. Bowler explains that these products are built around girls’ interests and activities rather than beauty outcomes. Each product from SadieB is created with specific functionality to match girls’ activity. For example, their athlete line is extra clarifying for athletes sweating every day at practice, while the Adventurer is extra nourishing for those spending a lot of time in the sun. 

SadieB is also contributing to solutions to the mental health crisis affecting girls. They are partnered with the Girl Up United Nations Foundation, and they have Sam Dalton as a clinical therapist on their team. Sam Dalton helps SadieB create mental hygiene content, that focuses on taking care of your mental health daily. They send a weekly “mental hygiene tip” each Monday to their subscribers’ list to contribute to sharing mental health tips and resources. For more information on how to join their subscriber list visit their website.