Pasta chips are taking over TikTok

Good Things Utah
  • On Good Things Utah this morning – Wait, what the heck are pasta chips? They’re only the latest snack trend to win over all of TikTok. Pasta chips are essentially just air-fried pasta, but don’t worry: They’re not like eating raw, dried noodles. The pasta is cooked to al dente and tossed in oil and seasonings before its trip in the air fryer, so the texture is more crispy than rock-solid. It’s like eating deep-fried pasta without the trouble of setting up a deep fryer!
  • Plus, grab your blankets, and pack your snacks. A picnic in the park has never sounded better than it does right now. Lifestyle blogger Simply Taralynn came across one-person picnic baskets in Target’s dollar section, and the truth is: we have to have them. The miniature picnic baskets can fit all your favorite munchables, games, and then some and even have a dedicated wine-bottle holder for you and a partner (or even just you). They are perfect for a casual day at the park or beach and even make a great gift basket for a friend! Pack one with all the essentials you need, and top it off with an adorable scarf for a picture-perfect, Instagrammable look.
  • And yesterday, a popular Reddit thread asked men of the internet: “What are some deal breakers for a potential relationship, even if they’re very attractive?” The thread quickly went viral, as thousands of men started chiming in with their personal dating red flags. Tune in to see some of the top-voted responses.
  • Finally, Lay’s is changing the chip game forever. The snack maker is taking two fan-favorite chip flavors—Funyuns and Doritos—and delivering a whole new way to enjoy them. The flavors of Funyuns and Cool Ranch Doritos will now coat Lay’s classic potato chips in a flavor mashup of epic proportions. Lay’s Doritos Cool Ranch and Lay’s Wavy Funyuns Onion will hit shelves today, but they won’t be around forever. Lay’s Doritos Cool Ranch and Lay’s Wavy Funyuns Onion come in a couple of sizes. Customers can grab a large bag for $3.79 or a small bag for $1.99.
  • At the end of the show, can you namaste your face into looking more youthful? Reagan tries Face Yoga and tells us if it really works? Hope you join us for these Hot Topics and so much more this morning on GTU.

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