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Cakers, bakers and collaborators! Tablescape A Party is a great group of women that needed a space to create, so they made their one!

Tablescaping has been rising in popularity. So have online baking collaborations. The group specializes in fabulous!

Here are their tips to planning a perfect party:

-Find your people! Ask your friends, family, neighbors, or co-workers to create a party tablescape with you. It’s fun to be extra! But it can be sooo much work for 1 person.

-Choose a theme, color palettes, & inspiration pictures. Provide the group with color palettes, & inspiration pictures. This way everyone can create something that will meld together with a unifying influence. 

-Plan your menu.  Decide how many large highlight items you want to have (ex: cakes). Decide how many smaller items you want & plan what they will be. Plan variety into your table. You can mix appetizers, snacks, and even meal items into your table.

-Hold a dress rehearsal! Pick a night ahead of your party to bring all the tablescape items, minus the actual food, and figure out how you want your table to be arranged. Even if you can’t get 100% of your party crew present, it is still worth rehearsing.

-Start with a clean slate. Start with a clean slate. Remove your normal decor that doesn’t fit the theme. Place large potted plants in another area to allow guests free access to all sides of the tablescape. Save floor decor for other areas of the house.

-Use tablecloths, runners, garland, or other softening decorative elements. Use levels, elevate your levels, & grow you display UP! Stagger placement into “windows”

-Use the right dishes. Decide on acceptable colors of your cake stands & dishes. These don’t have to be only one color. But stick to a couple rules that everyone can follow. Ex: whites & woods like our Thanksgiving tablescape. AND have everyone be in charge of bringing a dish or cake stand to display their item. Cake stands are ideal. Get as many as you can. But the front row can be table level. No plastic dishes (very few exceptions to this rule).

-Add decorations! This can often be taken care of by using bits & pieces of what everyone in your party group already has at home. But this is also a great excuse to get out & shop to increase your decor supplies. If you are doing a stylized table, you might decide as a group to each be in charge of finding & bringing a stylized specific item to contribute to the table. These assignments can include the tablecloth, runner, or garland, and other florals/greenery. 
Spread out the colors on your table. Be aware of balance & whether or not the table is visually unbalanced with color placement. 

Mix your design rules of symmetry & odd numbers. Create symmetry on your table where possible, mainly through your larger decor items like tiered trays, cake stands, & dishes. Smaller design elements & decor pieces tend to do better visually in odd numbers rather than evens. But, consider balancing them throughout the table still. Example: Use a grouping of three candlesticks. But place 2 on one side of the table, & 1 on the other side. This creates balance in design & also aids in color balance. Often, one of a certain decor item will still work beautifully. 
Add florals or greenery to top it all off. Be choosy on your quality of greenery & florals if using artificial. None might be better than low caliber. Fresh fruits or vegetables can also be used as a floral replacement. 

Be sure to follow Tablescape A Party on Instagram @balsamicbaker & @tablescapeaparty 

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