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Parents are gearing up for back-to-school and that means it’s time to touch on manners. Not for the kids, we’re talking to you parents! Etiquette Coach, Elisabeth Akauola explained how a lady and gentleman should behave on the special first day back at school.

Etiquette doesn’t just apply for your high class events and tea parties, it is for everyone in every situation. Elisabeth said it’s not practiced much today, and shared a few tips to get us on the right track.

One thing she suggests, NOT wearing your bathrobe during drop off. Even if you’re not getting out of the car (hint hint Nicea!)

That means no more bathrobes, pajamas, slippers, hair caps and long nightgowns. “They look like they just crawled out of bed and headed to dropping their kids off for school,” says Elisabeth. And that sends the wrong message to your kids.

“You’re sending the message that you don’t care. That you’re being lazy and sloppy,” says Elisabeth. “That ‘if I can get away with this here, I can get away with it anywhere.'”

For more etiquette tips and help, follow Elisabeth on Instagram @elisabethanne17 or check her out on Facebook Elisabeth-Anne Modern Day Etiquette

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