Associate marriage and family therapist Kristy Grass discussed parenting tips for parents of LGBTQIA+ children.  

With high rates of suicide and other mental health issues, Grass gave viewers with LGBTQIA+ children her top best pieces of advice for supporting their children. 

First, she said that it’s important to unconditionally love your child. This includes immediately starting to use the correct pronouns and making sure that your child feels that love no matter what. 

Second, she said to get curious and get your child talking. Ask your child the small questions to start, and really get to know your child. By building that openness and that connection, children will be able to come to you for the bigger things. 

Fourth, she said to learn the facts. Understand that gender isn’t something that needs to be fixed or changed and that talking to your child isn’t going to change them. She also recommended engaging with your child and letting them know that they can correct you if you misuse pronouns or say something that isn’t supportive. 

Fifth, she said to get involved. This looks like going to the school and talking to the teachers, watching out for signs of bullying and having open and strong communication.  

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