SALT LAKE CITY, UT (Good Things Utah) – A one-on-one vacation with your teen might be exactly what you need. Cat Palmer tells us about carving out time to spend with your kids that caters to their interests.

Your child’s teen years are precious. It is normally the last few years you get to spend with them before they leave the nest. Family time can be difficult if you have multiple kids with different interests, which is exactly what makes it so important to make plans for one-on-one time with each of your kids.

Cat recently took a trip with her daughter to San Francisco where she asked her kid what she specifically wanted to do. Hiking was her daughter’s response, so they did just that! Cat took her on one of her favorite hikes in the area. Her daughter also loves books, so Cat scoped out a bookstore in their area. She asked her kid what her favorite foods are, and that’s what they ate! The trip was perfectly catered to her interests, so she was in her happy place.

Many of the activities that one kid loved were things her other kid would hate. Since her daughter got treated to a fun vacation that is tailored to her, she will do the same with her son in the Summer so she can have the bonding experience with them both. If you are on a budget, search flights out of SLC and be open to where and when you want to go. From there, choose the option that fits your budget.

Remember, your kids are not you. Sometimes you need to put on your listening ears and be open to their desires to make time with them that they are guaranteed to enjoy.