October is Bullying Prevention Month, and Sandy native Tanner Chidester was the perfect person to bring in to speak about the topic and to share his journey. One out of four kids report getting bullied, and one in five teens has been cyber bullied. At age twelve he was teased for his Mormon upbringing and meager family income. Now at 28, he’s the CEO of two seven-figure businesses!

After years of bullying, Tanner decided to take action. He started strength training so he could, as he says, “beat the kids up.” Instead, his hobby of fitness became not only an effective coping mechanism but his way of developing discipline, determination, and passion that later fueled him to build his own business down the road. Tanner’s companies Elite CEOs and Fit Warrior have generated $16 million in less than three years. He is a five-time winner of the “2 comma club” award from ClickFunnels, which signifies doing a minimum of $1 million in a sales funnel, and an 8-Figure Award recipient for having one billion in the sales funnel.

Tanner has helped thousands of entrepreneurs grow and scale online businesses fast using social media and has been featured on CNBC, Forbes, and Business Insider, and more sharing his expertise. We loved his advice on how to cope with bullies, what to do if you’re being bullied or know someone who is, advice for those struggling, and why both kids and entrepreneurs need mentors.

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