Austin Isbell from the Utah Division of Outdoor Recreation provided viewers with outdoors safety must-knows and educated them on responsible outdoor recreation and etiquette.  

Isbell said that going outdoors can result in marked improvements in physical, mental, and social health while boosting your mood and reducing stress. However, there are some safety standards that everyone should follow when participating in outdoor recreation that is simple to follow.  

He said that you should always “know before you go,” and be aware of local fire restrictions in the area. You should never leave a campfire unattended and you should always ensure that it is fully extinguished before you leave your campsite. Isbell also said that being aware of other local conditions such as heat and flash flood warnings is important. Bringing water is extra important, including bringing extra water even if you do not use it. He said a good rule to go by is to drink or bring at least half a liter or 2 cups of water for every hour of moderate hiking in moderate weather.  

Responsible recreation and trail etiquette are also important, Isbell said. He said hikers should yield the right of way to those passing behind them or traveling uphill. Motorized vehicles should yield to mountain bikes, runners, hikers and horses. Mountain bikes yield to runners, hikers and horses. Runners and hikers yield to horses. He also said that slower hikers or hikers with children should also yield to parties moving faster.  

Must haves for outdoor recreation includes water, snacks, and sun protection that includes sunscreen hats, and glasses. Other essential items include a large plastic zip lock bag with toilet paper, a garbage bag, a rain hat, a multitool or pocketknife, and duct tape. Isbell said that safety gear such as a lifejacket or a helmet is also appropriate depending on your activity.  

When visiting recreation sites Isbell also said to avoid parking on green or dry vegetation and to always pick up at least one piece of garbage before going back to your car. Do not litter on the trail and respecting nature is also necessary.  

For more information, viewers can visit or find the Utah Division of Outdoor Recreation on Instagram at @utahdor