Mandy Merrell and Mel Craig, more popularly known as The Toy Testing Sisters, came to Good Things Utah today to show what fun activities can be done for little ones outside as summer comes. With the official start of summer approaching in less than two weeks, it’s always fun to see what kids can do during the season. Merrell and Craig shared their favorites for both the younger kids and teens.

Starting with their favorite, the sisters showed off the Playsmol Bounce House, which can be put either indoor or outside. The sisters call it “the most aesthetically pleasing bounce house” as they come in neutral and pastel colors. The bounce house is small and is appropriate for children ages 1-10. Sizes include 8×8 and 6×6 and includes a blower that is strong but not overly loud.

Merrell then showcased The Mud Kitchen, by WoodNPoppy. The kitchen is customizable and has a water spout that is fully functionally with a removable sink basin. This allows children to get creative and make pretend food with resources in the backyard. Merrell said her children make “flower soup”, where they fill the sink basin with water from the water spout and put flowers from the garden inside. The kitchen also includes a pretend stove top. Merell says the best part is the mess stays outside as this kitchen is meant to be for outdoor use but can be used inside during the winter months. This kitchen is used daily in Merrell’s household. “It’s handmade. This toy is going to last. It’s an heirloom quality toy you can pass down for [years].” said Merrell. The Mud Kitchen is easy to clean and great sensory activities. 

Craig then showed The Spider Swing, which can be hung from trees, swing sets, or even hooks attached to your ceiling like the sisters have done in their home. The swing is webshaped, hence the name with sturdy steel wrapped in padding, durable braided plastic rope and polypropylene netting for up to eight children to comfortably swing on. 

The sisters also showed the Land Roller from HearthStrong, which they have compared to a human hamster wheel. The wheel can hold up to 300 lbs and gives kids the chance to safely run around the backyard and can have several kids of all ages inside, including GTU host Nicea DeGering. 

The sisters donned their homemade Toy Testing Sisters Jacket and also showed a toy for older kids,  Boomabandz They call it a boomerang for humans and a “giggle trap”. Four players, the two sisters and hosts Nicea DeGering and Deana Manzanares, stand inside the fabric making a square. The people on the opposite sides run towards each other and stretch out the fabric. It is durable and lasts a long time and fits anyone’s budget.

The versitible Zipline from Fofana Ninja is the perfect item for those with large burly trees at least 20 feet and no more than 55 feet apart.The zipline is easy to assemble and can hold up to 250 lbs and can be used for people of all ages. Save 10% by using the code: 10TOYTESTING.

8-foot Inflatable Dome Rocker Bouncer, which the sisters call “Giant Saturn.” It is easy to inflate and deflate and can hold up to 250 lbs. This dome rocker is a must-have for any age group and can be used year round for indoor and outdoor use. Kids of all ages can use it and the perfect amount to have is three at a time since there are six handles. 

The sisters concluded the segment with the Activ Flyer Frisbee. This frisbee is lightweight and easy to throw and is the must have for any outdoor event and game night.  “This is 80% lighter than a traditional frisbee,” said Craig. “This is way lighter and it’s easier to catch.” They can be used in the water and very affordable.  Since it is lightweight, it is appropriate for all ages including little ones.

Instagram: @Toytestingsisters