Our favorite pets come with some favorite things! From toys to the outfit for every occasion, here are some of our dog’s favorite things.

Ali (and Chloe):

Chloe has a flare for the dramatics so it’s only natural her favorite products are the same way. She loves using Johnson and Johnson’s No More Tangles shampoo to achieve her luscious locks. Yes, it’s made for human babies, but it works wonders on her stylish pup bangs.

Nicea (and Miles):

Miles likes to eat and drink on-the-go using his My Pet Pail. It can even store treats. For more information, visit https://mypetpail.com

For a shorter hike or dog on the go, Miles drinks from his smaller, portable water dispenser, Anpetbest.

For a stylish walk, Miles wears Pink Papyrus products. The leashes are made with hand spun cotton and are also weather proof, hypoallergenic, durable, naturally elastic, lightweight, and is incredibly soft!). He also wears the Pink Papyrus Waste Bag Holders (waste bag dispensers) and matching bandanas. These classic tie-on bandanas are the perfect accessory for your fashion forward fur baby. Check out all the options at pinkpapyrus.com ww.pinkpapyrus.com

Surae (and Paxton)

Paxton is a practical pup. He brought his favorite chew toys and recommends heading to a dollar store to try out a few toy options. Both he and Miles loved using his rope toy from the Dollar Tree.

Paxton also loves using his pop-up food holder. The Good2Go Blue Zip & Sip Pet Bowl. We found it online at Petco.com.