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After being sick for 10 years, Lauren Brooke decided to start a natural, organic skincare and makeup company to help provide women with products that will support their health and nourish them while wearing it. She spoke with Surae today to discuss her healing journey and why she started Lauren Brooke Co.

Brooke said that before starting her company she was always sick and never really knew what was wrong. Throughout those years she slowly started to learn about her health and what she could do to stay healthy. With those 10 years of learning under her belt, she was able to overcome debilitating conditions and has been healthy ever since.

After her health was restored, she was passionate to share her knowledge with others, so 17 years ago, as a single mother of three little boys, she decided to start an organic beauty line.

To check out her products, visit her website and follow her on Facebook and Instagram. Be sure to use code GTU20, to receive 20% off any of her full-size products!

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