SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH (GOOD THINGS UTAH) — Salt Lake County Mayor, Jenny Wilson joined us in the studio for an imperative conversation centered around the shrinking the Great Salt Lake. As part of her Book Club initiative, Mayor Wilson has rallied the community to read the opinion piece titled “I’m haunted by what I’ve seen at the great salt lake,” penned by renowned Utah Author Terry Tempest Williams.

Williams has written other books including Refuge, The Hour of Land, and this piece, describes the essence of the problems at the lake perfectly. Terry and Professor Ben Abbott are hosting an event to speak about the lake. It will take place on August 26th at 11 AM at the Main Downtown Library in Salt Lake City, Utah. They will shed light on the lake’s shrinking dimensions and the subsequent ecological and societal implications. Mayor Wilson hopes to foster public awareness and collaborative efforts to address pressing environmental concerns.

For those interested in attending, event details and registration can be found at: