Opening up the conversation about domestic abuse

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UUHC Domestic Violence committee member, Kristen Hall, is on set today with Surae and Nicea. She hopes to bring awareness and discuss some of the resources available for victims of domestic abuse.

It is well past time to put an end to abuse and throughout the pandemic, domestic violence calls have increased significantly along with child abuse. Hall is working on primary prevention tactics in hopes to stop the violence before it even happens. She says it’s crucial to promote education at a young age on the importance of healthy relationships.

Hall emphasizes how we need to start by talking about this topic and using our platforms to make a change. There are many different types of abuse, some of which being, physical, emotional, financial, psychological, and sexual.

As an emergency room nurse Hall has to treat most of her patients of abuse after the violence has already happened and help them with the trauma that comes with it. While all of the staff is trained in recognizing the signs and symptoms of abuse, she hopes to get ahead of the problem.

If you or someone you know is in need of help, visit the websites of Stop the Violence or Utah Domestic Violence Coalition.

There are crisis lines available 24 hours of the day:

  • UDVC: 800-897-5465
  • YWCA: 801-537-8600

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