One of the hottest Amazon Prime Day finds and new Hawaiian travel rules

Good Things Utah
  • On Good Things Utah this morning – Everybody who shopped last week during Amazon Prime Days is now getting their items delivered. Nicea shows us her find from Maybelline that is suppose to actually “lift your lips”!
  • Plus, back in April, Hawaii announced a digital vaccine passport program, a new initiative that allowed travelers to bypass quarantine and testing requirements. But its initial rollout in May was limited to inter-island travel. Now, out-of-staters will be able to get in on it too. Hawaii will be officially open to travelers who have their full dose of Moderna, Pfizer, or Johnson & Johnson, effective July 8, 2021. From that date on, vaccinated travelers will no longer be required to provide testing results upon entering the state, USA Today reports—though, that currently only applies to those who have received their vaccine in the US.
  • So if you are thinking about traveling, after spending more than a year stuck at home abstaining from travel, it can feel a little weird to even think about heading back to airports or transit hubs — and that’s totally normal. Though if you have an upcoming trip, you may need some strategies to work through those feelings. Nicea tells us what can help you get back on that successful travel train.
  • And after spending so much time stuck in lockdown, how about getting out of this world? Space Perspective, which hails itself “the world’s first luxury spaceflight experience” has opened bookings for flights into space to anyone who wants to come. If you can afford it, that is. The company is currently booking trips for late 2024, with each trip costing $125,000 per passenger!
  • And at the end of the show, roughly 23 million American households acquired dogs and cats during the pandemic, according to a recent survey from the ASPCA — and the vast majority of them are still in those homes. Innovative efforts by animal welfare groups across the country helped some people keep their pets as the pandemic took a financial toll. However, stories of untrained pandemic puppies like Francis have raised concerns with some rescue advocates. Nicea tells us the advice trainers are sharing with new pet owners this morning. Hope you join us on this Monday for GTU.

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