Will Terry from Equality Utah and Brent White from Milk+ talked about pride and the new bar and club that’s focused on the LGBTQ+ community. 

Milk+ is a bar and club that welcomes all types of milk, whether you’re hot milk, spilled milk, le leche or coconut milk, everyone is accepted, and the space is provided for everyone’s self-expression, White said. Milk+ opened six months ago and is excited to celebrate its first pride. White said that Milk+ will be holding a pride kick-off event with a disco euphoria theme this Thursday that will last from June 2 through June 5.  

Terry said that Thursday night’s event is being partnered with Equality Utah, the leading LGBTQ+ political advocacy group in Utah. The kick-off event will be hosted as a fundraiser for getting more pro-equality elected officials into office. Those going to the kick-off event can expect a performance from Lisa Barlow and Aquaria.  

You can connect with Milk+ on Instagram at @milk.slc and you can connect with Equality Utah on Instagram at @equalityutah or at their website equalityutah.org 

Milk+ is located at 49 E 900 S. Salt Lake City, UT 84111