Omicron has Americans changing their travel plans

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  • On GTU this morning – After missing out on holiday gatherings last year, many people had been planning for months to celebrate Christmas with loved ones. Now, with the surge of Covid-19 cases, some are canceling those plans just days away from the holiday. The new coronavirus strain, Omicron, is contributing to the rise in cases, and has become the dominant strain of the virus in the US, according to data posted Monday by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Omicron accounted for over 73% of new coronavirus cases in the US last week. The case surge is forcing people to rethink their travel plans so as to keep their families safe, and instead of in-person celebrations, some are going back to the Zoom calls of 2020.
  • Plus, the last 12 months were pretty terrible overall. But there were some legitimately good trends to come out of our second pandemic year. If you had told us on New Year’s Eve 2019 that two years from now we’d still be dealing with a devastating and ongoing pandemic, we probably wouldn’t have taken too kindly to the news. Still, there have been some surprising silver linings to the last two years when you think about it. While we’re all ready to leave the awfulness of the COVID-19 behind us, there are some facets of pandemic life we really, really hope to take with us into the new year. Tune in with us or click here for things that SHOULD continue next year:
  • And Is NSYNC’s ‘Home for Christmas’ really a holiday classic? Lance and Joey weigh in this morning. The song from 1998, “Home for Christmas” is considered a Christmas pop classic, though Lance Bass still thinks it’s odd that they made it so early in their career. “It was so strange,” he recently told ABC Audio. “I was just talking about that with AJ McLean from The Backstreet Boys, ’cause they just did a Christmas album that’s coming out next year. I’m like, ‘Oh my gosh … I can’t believe after only knowing each other for two years, we…came out with a Christmas album!'”
  • And at the end of the show – Reagan is re-homing two dozen pair of shoes so she can have an easier move to South Carolina. So what did she bring the girls? Tune in with us on a Wednesday edition of GTU to find out!

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