It’s the song every quarantine mom can relate to.
Check out Rachel Ivie and her parody on ‘Part of your World’ from The Little Mermaid.
Rachel is a mom of 4 and nursing student at Weber State University. She had just finished her semester of nursing school when Covid-19 hit and she got bored so quickly. The idea just popped into her head so she went with it! She made the video in hopes that it would brighten someone’s day during this crazy time.
Rachel says Covid-19 has been such a unique season of life. She thought it would be fun to come up with lyrics that paint a picture of some of the abnormalities of life right now, like trying to buy toilet paper or making sure your zoom call is muted before you make any embarrassing sounds. There are a lot of keywords that will trigger memories about this time in our lives. This song will definitely be my personal pandemic souvenir, she says.