October is the new December when it comes to holiday shopping

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  • On Good Things Utah this morning – Even early birds may go hungry as 2021 holiday shopping is poised to be a challenge. Bemoaning the increasingly early arrival of holiday paraphernalia at favorite stores has become an annual grumble for many U.S. shoppers. But there may be ample cause for dropping the attitude and jumping right into the fray this year as ongoing global supply chain issues, combined with critical domestic labor shortages, could lead to a perfect storm of missing out on 2021 holiday wish list items. Some 51% of early shoppers report stores being out of at least one item they were after, while 54% say a hoped for product was out of stock online and 49% will have to wait out a back order or delayed delivery on an early purchase.
  • Plus, the things that make the holidays wonderful, yummy good, fun celebrations and time with family and friends, are the same things that make it a challenge to stick with a health and fitness routine. That’s why so many of us gain weight during this time. Studies show that people gain an average of two pounds between Thanksgiving and New Year’s (and those who are overweight may gain even more). A few pounds may not seem like a big deal, but research also shows that many of us don’t lose them all, meaning those holiday pounds can add up over time. But the holidays don’t have to be synonymous with weight gain. It is possible to enjoy yourself and loosen the reigns a bit while still maintaining your weight. And the easiest way to do it is to form healthy habits now, before the season is in full swing.
  • And chances are, you’ve heard of Drew Barrymore’s beauty line, Flower Beauty. But what about Flower Home? The actress’s collection is exclusively available at Walmart and if you’re entirely new to it, the brand’s offerings might just inspire your next big home design project. Flower home launched in 2019 with a whopping 130 seasonal pieces that run the gamut from bohemian and eclectic to mid-century and rustic. Flash forward to today and it’s still thriving, with tons of unique items that will imbue your space with elegance and personality. “I have always had a love for creating joyful spaces, places where unexpected prints and patterns, shapes and styles, and colors and textures come together in the most delightful way,” said Barrymore in line with her interior line’s launch. “My new collection of furniture and home décor is inspired by this passion and I hope it inspires everyone to make themselves at home.”

And at the end of the show, if there’s anything better than Trader Joe’s products, it’s new Trader Joe’s products! In 2020, the store shook things up with a bunch of fantastic new food items in seemingly every department. The real question is, can 2021 top it all? So far, we think the answer’s yes. From Everything but the Bagel-seasoned cooked kettle chips to hot, crispy habanero peppers, avocado-oil spray, and more, you’ll know what you want even before heading to the store. Here’s a roundup of the can’t-miss newbies from Trader Joe’s so far this year. Trust us, they’re so appetizing, you’ll want to eat every little thing. Click here to see all the latest treasures: https://www.popsugar.com/food/best-new-trader-joe-products-45871085 Hope you join us for a fun Wednesday edition of GTU Hour 1.

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