SALT LAKE CITY, UT (Good Things Utah) – This Wednesday night, a new show called “Not Dead Yet” will be kicking off on ABC! Two stars of the show, Hannah Simone and Josh Banday joined us to give us the exclusive details on the show before it airs.

The people who created “This is Us” are also behind the new show “Not Dead Yet”, and focuses on a woman named Nell Serrano, played by Gina Rodriguez, whose life explodes, and she now has to rebuild it. Nell goes to work at a newspaper company with her two best friends, who are now her bosses, and she is assigned to write obituaries, but the catch is that she can see the people she is writing these obituaries about. 

The cast of this new show met for the first time at a dinner before shooting, but as Josh described it, their first time meeting was like a “family dinner”. Everyone immediately had chemistry with each other, which made shooting the show in the following weeks extremely easy.

In the show, many of the cast member’s real stories are included and brought up throughout the series. The people running this show made an effort to learn about the cast members before shooting, and want to include their past in it, which gave the show such beauty and realness that Hannah and Josh haven’t felt in other shows. Even together, Hannah and Josh feel that they have a brother and sister like relationship, with a deep love for each other.

The series premiere of this show airs on Wednesday February 8th at 7:30 PM, and episode two of this new show will air just after at 8:30 PM the same night. You can catch this new show right here on ABC 4 Utah.