OREM, Utah- (Good Things Utah) Bring back the side bands, the 2000’s aesthetic is back! After 20 years, the nostalgic and iconic look is back with an even more elevated kick. Quintin Croft, owner of BAQE Cosmetics came to the studio to share the best ways to get this retro look.

Metallic and frosted shimmer eyeshadow is a classic look when we think of makeup from yesteryear. Croft recommends keeping the overall idea of the 2003 aesthetic but amplifying it for today’s look. “When we think frosty shadows, we don’t have to do the all over lid all the way up to the brow frosty [look],” said Croft. “It can be too much.” A better option would be to do what she calls a “wash” where a bit of highlight is in the corner of the eyes by the nose and the eyelid has a nice base shadow. She also recommends a pop of color below the eyes. Be sure to use a blending fluffy brush or a flat C brush. Pair with a clear gloss is the key to a good 2000’s inspired lip color. Adding a shimmer of color will even improve the look.

BAQE Cosmetics ships all over the US and also offers onsite pick up for Utah County residents. Each cosmetic palette set has a “recipe card” that contains a QR code that leads to videos that give makeup tips and show how to apply. BAQE is also on TikTok.