SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (Good Things Utah) – Your carpets are perhaps the largest filter in your home. They trap dirt, odors, dust and dander. You need to clean it regularly, beyond just vacuuming. A professional cleaning is vital to getting those allergens out of the home and prolonging the life of your carpets and upholstry.

Zerorez says soaps and chemical cleaners can make your carpet and upholstry look nice and clean, soap is extremely hard to rinse out of carpets and if they leave ANY soap residue behind it’s going to turn your carpets crunchy or sticky. It’ll be subtle – you may not notice at first. But leaving that sticky residue will then become a magnet for NEW dirt to get trapped in the carpet. With Zerorez, and the No-Residue Cleaning, your carpets actually stay cleaner longer.

Zerorez does not use any harsh chemicals during its cleaning process. The ZR Water is a a non-toxic cleaning solution. Its scientifically altered molecular structure breaks down dirt, grease, and odor-producing substances – and Zerorez does it without any soap.

And because Zerorez uses less water to clean the carpets, they dry faster too!

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