SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH – (Good Things Utah) The core stabilizes your posture, and with bad posture your confidence level can go down.  Keep your core in check and get your confidence back with Natalie Bedford. No equipment needed! 

The first workout has the knees and toes facing the sky, heels dug into the ground. Doing an around the world sit-up, Bedford takes her body in a circle as she comes up into the sit-up position. She offers a modification to do an around the world crunch, doing the same circular motion with the upper body in the crunch position. 

The hollow hold sweep is next. Laying on her back, Bedford models a 45 degree angle to the ground with her arms and legs. Then, she pulls her arms and legs into her body rolling into a ball on her back, then extends back to the original position. 

The last workout is a reverse high crunch. Laying on the back with hands beneath the hips, Bedford lifts her legs into the air. For a more advanced version, add a twist at the top. 

Bedford recommends doing 20 of each of these workouts a day to see a change. 

Offering a $5 monthly subscription plan for unlimited access to workouts, Bedford has the perfect plan for you. 

Instagram: @thunderfitnesstraining