New York Times bestselling author sits down to talk about courage

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Looking for a new book? New York Times bestselling author, Dave Hollis, is in the studio today which happens to be the same day his new book launches.

He is a father of 4, podcast host, speaker, and now author! His new book, “Built Through Courage” details Hollis’ transformative journey from leaving his career as president of distribution at Walt Disney Studios. It is about how we sometimes have to choose to leave our comfort zone or how sometimes changes in our lives choose us and we have to decide how we are going to respond. He hopes to encourage readers to dive in, take control, and live life with a purpose.

Hollis explains how hard it can be to have the courage to believe in yourself. We are so hard on ourselves and he suggests that every day requires courage to try again. Break it down and take one small step at a time.

Hollis also has a documentary releasing in cinemas nationwide on Nov. 17. It’s just one night so you don’t want to miss it! He and his friends discuss both the negative consequences of limiting beliefs and the positive power of imagination, dreams, and believing in yourself.

To pre-order Hollis’ book, visit his website or Amazon.

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