Whether you are someone who believes in resolutions or prefers to pick a word or theme for the year, we all crave progression and improvement. Ganel Lyn Condie is here to share how we can shift our focus when making our New Year’s goals.

Condie challenged viewers to consider things like our bodies, relationships, career, and really everything that we have as stewardship. This separates these things from our identity. They are things we watch over, so she challenges viewers to instead of focussing on outcomes of our goals, consider smaller daily offerings. Some possible stewardships that you may be looking at for new year goals are:

Health: Move your body as an offering to health, not for a goal to change your body.

Mental Health: Meditation and therapy are about running the long game. A daily check-in with your mental health. Ask what support looks like. Consider an expansive view of what therapy is. Mental health is a daily focus.

Relationships: What relationship do you want to foster? Consider offerings to cultivate connection. Let go of “outcomes”. Helpful especially with parenting adult children or relationships that are triggering. Check-in with your boundaries.

Professionally: Can you find meaning in the offering you make in the workplace? Social media followers, paycheck, or positions are “outcomes” and can distract us from finding joy in our work and fostering creativity. 

Possessions: Goal of slowly decluttering. Make the offering of taking one room or closet a week. 

“When we focus on offerings, instead of outcomes, we find the motivation to keep going towards our goals for the year,” Condie says. This is a great way to break down these big ideas we have for the new year into smaller bites that we can handle one at a time. 

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