BFF comedy duo Adam Pally and Jon Gabrus joined us via satellite on Good Things Utah to talk about their newest project. In honor of their 20 year friendship, the duo decided to take it to the next level with ‘101 Places to Party Before You Die’. The duo has toured together as comedians, written television together and will now travel across the country to show the greatest party spots. After 15 years of traveling together with good eating and visiting America’s best drinking spots, they decided it was time they documented those experiences and share the good times with the public.

The series has been in the making since February 2020, just before the COVID-19 Pandemic. “We pitched and sold this show in February 2020, because we have terrible timing. By the time we were out on the road and actually doing it everyone was so excited to open a restaurant and have people come and to sit outside and have ice cream on a table. Or to go to a bar and have it be a beer garden, people are there. There was a certain energy coming out the last couple years that we didn’t expect and we’re grateful for.” said Pally. Grabus said the show isn’t so much for learning as it is for laughing. While they have mostly traveled in the US and the series is only in the country, The quadragenarians would love to add Canada and Mexico on their bucket lists as they said it is international but keeping it in the continent. 

Pally and Gabrus will be partying it up all over the US including Denver, Miami, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, Oregon, Atlanta and Virginia. The pair will also be making a stop here in the Beehive State and show you how to party in Moab. “Moab for us was a place we had never even heard of before we got asked,” said Gabrus. “It’s like going to Mars. We had no idea. [It was] completely out of our comfort zone. We’re not horse people, or dune buggy people or fly-fishing people, but we did all that in Moab and found ourselves really enjoying ourselves there. The 40-year-old pals said they enjoyed their time in Utah and were grateful for the opportunity to visit Moab. Pally even said Utah was one of the most beautiful places he had ever been. 

The series premieres Thursday, Jul. 14 on TruTV at 9:30 p.m. MDT.