SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH- (Good Things Utah) It is always time to head to the theatre. University of Utah’s theatre department has a new play coming out, ‘The Sweet Science of Bruising’. Three actors from the show, Dorothy Mayer, Taryn McClure and Adriana Lemke, came to GTU to give us the scoop on the new show.

‘The Sweet Science Brusing’ is set in 1869 and is a woman-centric play. It is inspired by true events from the history of women’s boxing in Victorian London. This unique show shares the stories of four very different women recruited into the underground world of women’s boxing by an eccentric promoter, Professor Charlie Sharp. During their training, the ladies experience a sense of freedom from boxing that they describe as “sweet science”. This takes place during a time where women were unable to box.

This production contains strong language and content intended for adult audiences. Some audience members may find aspects of the subject matter to be upsetting or objectionable. Viewer discretion is advised.

The Sweet Science of Bruising’ runs from Feb. 17-26 in the Babcock Theatre. Tickets are available on the University of Utah Department of Theatre website or by calling (801) 581-7100. There will be numerous shows including an ASL show. Video may be available on Tuesday night after the first full dress run.