Heidi Niitsuma and Detgen Greef talked about Return Utah and how the new program is helping individuals re-enter the workforce. 

Niitsuma and Greef both completed the Return Utah program in April, having found support from the only state return-to-work program in the country. The program is designed to assist and allow people who have taken a career break of 2 years or more to return to the workforce without having to climb up the career ladder again. Implemented to break the stigma of a career break on a resume, it assists those reentering with transitional support and helps them get meaningful jobs at competitive salaries.

Niitsuma and Greef shared that they both completed the program after staying at home taking care of the children. Niitsuma now works as a full-time long-term employee for the state, and Greef has returned as a part-time temporary employee for the state. The program allows for flexibility in the type and term of employment.  

The state is currently hiring its next participants, and in September the program will celebrate its first anniversary.  

Viewers can find more information on Return Utah at returnutah.org or on the Division of Human Resource Management’s social media accounts.