Are you a romance, history, or musical lover? If so, we have your next date night or girls’ night out event. Jason Ma, playwright, and composer, stopped by GTU to talk about the world premiere of his new musical Gold Mountain.

Ma describes the musical as a love story set during the construction of the Transcontinental Railroad. That combines elements of the immigrant spirit so essential to the growth of the United States, the power of love, and the self-sacrifice of a team of Chinese workers. The cast of Gold Mountain is almost entirely Asian-American and intertwines aspects of American history and Asian culture as he hopes to reframe the building of the transcontinental railroad that Asian-Americans played a large role in. 

When asked why he chose to premiere the play in Utah, Ma said, “Utah chose us.” Many of the experiences of the Asian-American immigrants during the transcontinental railroad can be related to the experience of many immigrants across the history of the United States. Ma says, America is a hodge-podge of cultures and people and that is what makes our country great. 

Gold Mountain performances will take place at the West Valley Performing Arts Center November 4-20. GTU viewers can receive $5 off per ticket by using code “GoodThingsUtah” at checkout. For tickets and additional information head to the Utah Shakespeare Festival website