Local director Alicia Farmer and actress Kim Stone joined us in the studio today to talk about their movie “Rite Of The Shaman” that will be released in theaters tomorrow. 

Following the story of a high school boy who follows in his shaman grandfather’s footsteps, the story, Farmer said, is about overcoming difficulties in life with love and kindness. The lead role is played by Farmer’s son who overcame cancer at the age of 15. After a year and a half of chemotherapy, Farmer’s son has since been in remission. “Rite Of The Shaman” is inspired by his story.   

The big takeaway from the movie? Farmer said that the story serves as a reminder that everyone goes through darkness in their lives and that a single act of kindness can change someone’s day or life for the better. You are loved, Farmer and Stone told us. 

The movie is being released into theaters tomorrow, May 27, and viewers can learn more about the movie on the website www.riteoftheshaman.com