New hope for breast cancer patients

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About one in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer, so it’s important for every woman to be on top of their care and check-ups. Intermountain Healthcare has discovered a revolutionary technology that can be a major game-changer for this.

Over the last two years, radiologists and surgeons have found a new process that allows doctors to find breast tumors faster. This will not only allow patients to be diagnosed and treated sooner, but it will also save money.

Dr. Brett Parkinson, director of breast imaging for Intermountain Healthcare, joined us today to discuss how this will severely decrease the amount of time it takes for patients to get life-saving biopsies and treatment. Before, it was typical for a patient who experienced an abnormal mammogram or breast lump to be scheduled for a biopsy at a later date, even one or two weeks away. Now, if doctors find a suspicious lesion they can offer a same-day biopsy with results becoming available in about 48 hours.

Intermountain Healthcare is also enhancing the expedited biopsy process with another technology called the SAVI Scout. The SAVI is a radar reflecting marker which features a reflector that is placed at the tumor site before a lumpectomy or surgical biopsy. This technology allows a higher level of precision which will increase the accuracy of breast cancer related surgeries and treatments. The SAVI has the potential to reduce surgical delays, create more effective surgical planning and allow patients to receive care sooner.

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