The American Red Cross Association recently released an at-home CPR practice kit so Nicea, Deena and Bree practiced their CPR skills in the Studio today, as Nicea guided us through the necessary steps. 

Knowing how to do CPR is a crucial skill. Unpredictable health emergencies can happen anytime and knowing how to do CPR can be the difference in saving a life. The first step when approaching a situation where CPR may be needed is to check for responsiveness from the individual. If they do not respond to verbal statements, some light physical contact like taping them on the shoulder is necessary. If the individual is unresponsive, then delegate the task of calling 911 to someone nearby so you can continue helping the person in need. The next step is to check for a pulse. If there is no pulse, then you will need to continue with CPR. The new, at-home, American Cross CPR practice kit is the perfect way to learn how to properly carry out CPR and step in during an emergency.

The kit is the first of its kind where previously those training to be CPR certified had to practice on the CPR dummy in the classroom. Now, the American Red Cross Association is encouraging businesses to buy their at-home kit so employees can all learn basic CPR techniques. The dummy is meant to be used for practicing chest compressions while mouth-to-mouth CPR is less frequently used, Nicea explained. 

Those interested in purchasing the CPR at-home kit can find more information on the website