Dirty Dough is a new cookie location that has us all craving more.

The company was started by a college student in Arizona selling the product out of his apartment. People loved the cookies so much that he upgraded to a storefront. He sold the company and they have been developing the brand for the past year and getting it ready to franchise.

Dirty Dough just opened their first location in Vineyard, Utah and will be opening four more stores in Pleasant Grove, Saratoga Springs, Spanish Fork, and St George.

In the next year, they plan to open about twenty-five more stores in Utah. The cookie craze is sweeping the country and Dirty Dough is all about what’s on the inside.

Their cookies have multiple layers with many fun fillings like caramel, fudge, raspberries, marshmallow, and Biscoff. Their slogan, “Proudly Unique Inside and Out,” spreads their message of positivity.

Their executive chef, Tod Lenard, has created a variety of delicious flavors such as Andes mint, reverse peanut butter cup, raspberry toaster tart, and dirty circus. They placed an emphasis on the richness of their flavor rather than being overly sweet and you can truly taste the thought that went into every cookie.

Dirty Dough has new flavors every week so stop by and experience the decadent dough over and over. 

Use the code “GoodThingsUtah20” for 20% off.

Instagram: @dirty_dough

Tiktok: @dirtydough

Facebook: Dirty Dough