Picture the best cinnamon roll you have ever had, now imagine it even better. Wanna Cinn is a new up-and-coming dessert spot for something to satisfy that sweet tooth. We spoke with David Sickich about the opening and tried the amazing flavors they have to offer. 

Wanna Cinn opened its doors in Riverton last Monday and has been all the rage from the locals. Using his experience as a baker, Sickich has been perfecting this recipe for ten years. As Sickich says, “It all started with the original cinn.” Their rolls are baked fresh every day and the flavors are incorporated into each roll as opposed to just sitting on top. Their flavor names are themed perfectly including the Original Cinn, their take on a classic cinnamon roll, and Mr. Perfect, a cinn-less roll. Their specialty flavors include a raspberry roll and even a jalapeno roll! A few of their other rolls highlight flavors such as coffee and orange. Every month they will be switching out their “Ultimate Cinns” flavors between chocolate ganache and peanut butter rolls. They are inviting their customers to vote on which they want to carry onto the next month which will compete against another flavor the following month. The next time you are craving something sweet, take a trip to Wanna Cinn, it will be cinn-sational. 

Facebook: @Wanna-Cinn

Instagram: @Wanna_Cinn