New children’s book “Johnny Shrinks Saves the Day”

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Today local, family man, Ruston Barrowes, sat down with Surae to discuss his new children’s book. They related children’s book author to children’s book author about their newly released books.

Johnny Shrinks Saves the Day is the first of the “Johnny Shrinks” series. It is about a boy named Johnny who has a special ability to shrink down and fit into spaces he wouldn’t normally be able to. In this book, his mom’s car breaks down so he shrinks down to fit inside the car to see what’s wrong. As he tries to solve the problem, he comes upon several different people. One of which is the band that plays the music from the radio. He takes us along for the ride of all of his encounters within the car. The main message he would like to share is that everyone matters. Everyone is loved and cared about and we need to care about and look out for each other.

Barrowes explains that the book appeals to a wide range of children from ages 3 to 12. He has seven children and they all enjoy it! You will want to be on the lookout for more books in the series to be published. It is available on Amazon, Marissa’s Books, Frost’s Books, and at Teton Toys in Lehi.

Since its release, the book has received awards in 2 different categories at the American Book Fest in 2019. Barrowes is anxious to release the rest of his series but is actually looking for a new publisher. He can be contacted through

Barrowes also wants to share that a portion of the proceeds from his book sales is donated to The Rain Maker Foundation. The funds are geared toward helping children and families in need. You can also donate directly to the foundation on their website.

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