Self confidence can be a difficult thing to navigate as we grow and change with time. We are all constantly being so hard on ourselves that it is hard to sit back and appreciate your own awesomeness. We sat down with Alison Faulkner, host of Awesome with Alison, about her new book titled, “You’re Already Awesome”. 

In her book, Faulkner describes twelve shifts in perception that she believes will help people recognize their own unique traits. When describing the intention behind her book, she states, “You don’t need to feel better by hustling, you don’t need to feel better by accomplishing and achieving more, just by going in.” It is hard to have confidence in yourself when a lot of our lives are programmed subconsciously. Self sabotage and negative self talk infiltrates our minds so often it becomes routine. Faulkner wants to remind her readers that “you are inherently whole, you are inherently awesome, you have inherent greatness and strength.” In “You’re Already Awesome”  she wants to give readers tips on how to return to that state of inherent awesomeness. One of the shifts Faulkner shares is the phrase, “I am uniquely qualified to live my life.” If you have these uniqure qualifications, how can you be living your life incorrectly? Faulkner describes picturing writing these shifts to someone at their breaking point. The point of these shifts is to acknowledge how you are feeling when reading them, and then apply those feelings to your life. Another shift that she shares is, “there is no problem to solve.” A lot of time we as people create problems, however, Faulkner wants to assure people that you are exactly where you need to be. 

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