2022 America’s Most Beautiful Mrs. pageant winner Anne Forester came to the GTU set to talk about how all women can and deserve to be the leading lady in their lives. The pageant is in its third annual year and has added a new state each year. Utah’s first state pageant is scheduled to take place next year .Forrester was drawn to the pageant as it is modern and new and unlike other pageants. The pageant is centered on a great experience for each contestant and is customized to each woman. The pageant is also diverse and welcomes contestants of any age or size.

Entering the pageant circuit in 2016, Forester visualized winning in a pageant that she found fulfilling and edifying. Forester believes every woman should find what makes them happy and amplifies their strengths. “Everyone has their own life story and you are the leading lady in your story,” said Forester. “To be able to be that main character [and] those main character vibes, it’s all about discovering what makes you sparkle.” Forester says everything is about giving back to the community and finding your strengths and using them to help others. 


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