SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH (GOOD THINGS UTAH)– Today, we had Rebecca Roy, Functional Medicine Provider and Founder of Salon M, come to talk to us about hair loss and how their Salon and RUMA can help solve it. 

There are many reasons you can experience hair loss, such as postpartum, medication, illness, hormones, stress, genetics, post covid, and even coloring your hair. Salon M has stylists who are trained from LA to NYC, along with Emily, who is a certified master color artist with Goldwell color. 

So, how can Salon M and RUMA help with your hair loss needs? Salon M, a newer salon in Cedar Hills, offers topical, non-invasive service utilizing Zenagen products, which are all plant-based. Salon M is seeing results go hand in hand with the services that RUMA offers. RUMA is a modern, innovative space where medical aesthetics and wellness are prioritized, and a variety of procedures like injectables and incredible services for skin and women’s health are being offered, like PRF PRP/PRF, (Platelet Rich Fibrin) and Regenerative. They also specialize in functional medicine, which includes comprehensive wellness optimization as well as scalp and hair health.

After performing this treatment once, they usually analyze progress and decide the next best steps. The results from this service are truly incredible and can be life-changing for many.  

For more information you can check out their websites and Instagram’s  @salonmandsuites @Rumaaesthetics