Jeff Buydos, the County Library’s Public Relations Coordinator, joined hour one of GTU to discuss what’s new at the library. There’s more going on in your backyard than you’re aware of. The County Library’s Nature Kits reveal a hidden world in your backyard and beyond. 

Nature Kits are part of the county’s Library of Things. Nature kits assist children and their caregivers in learning about Salt Lake County’s unique ecosystem. These kits are a fun way for friends and family to spend time together. They also serve as an excellent tool to introduce children to science and help spark their interest. Nature kits include binoculars, bug viewers, butterfly nets, clip-on camera lenses, common species ID cards, and information about the Jordan River.

Young minds are extremely curious and introducing them to nature fosters a curiosity that can last a lifetime. Fieldwork is a huge part of biology and many other sciences, and this shows kids that science and learning can be exciting and hands-on instead of being restricted to a classroom setting. It also helps kids connect with nature so they have a greater appreciation for the complex systems that make life in and around Salt Lake County unique. It’s also a great way to spend real, face-to-face time with friends and family.

Thanks to a grant from the Association of Zoos and Aquariums, the Disney Conservation Fund, and Utah’s Hogle Zoo, Nature Kits are now available at all locations. All viewers have to do is head to any local County Library branch and talk to a librarian. Or viewers can call the customer service line at (801)943-4636 to reserve a Nature Kit. 

To find out more information about Nature Kits, visit the links below. 

Website: Library of Things