Struggling with allergies or harsh reactions to mainstream products, Rockee Redd will solve all your woes. Natalie Lofthouse and Christina Kreitel have created natural alternatives that help treat sickness, inflammation, pain, and more.  

It can be easy to feel intimidated when searching for natural products that actually work, but these ladies say that health is a lot more simple than people realize. Kreitel found herself looking for a solution for her son’s chronic sickness. He struggled with things like food dyes and synthetic sugars and it was impacting his development. She wanted to find products that would help. 

Lofthouse shared the benefits of taking a natural, holistic approach. Rockee Redd is all about creating clean and sustainable products. They offer medicinal honey to treat allergies, sore throats, sleeplessness, pain, and more. They have healing salves, goat milk lotions, and tinctures that customers are raving over. 

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