There are endless ways to make quesadillas and we are joined by Donna Kelley to talk about her quesadilla cookbook. Donna Kelley, a retired prosecutor and author of 16 published cookbooks just released her second edition of her book “Quesadillas” now referred to as “The Quesadilla Bible.” It’s a cookbook with 62 different quesadilla recipes. To help promote the book she did a nationwide contest where people used her book as inspiration to make quesadillas for the chance to win $1000. She has chosen the top 3 and found 3 local judges to tell us which one is the best. The 3 judges are: Barbara Schieving, cookbook author and food blogger; Tali Bruce, owner of several restaurants in Utah: Robintinos, “Bout time Pub & Grill and Tin Roof Grill; and Jeanie Kronenberg, pastry chef. According to the judges out of “Weeknight Chicken Tikka Masala Quesadilla”, “Octoberfest Quesadilla”, and the “Berry Quesadilla Tart.” The winner was Octoberfest!! If you’re looking for the video of them announcing the winner checkout the video below.