In honor of National French Fry Day, Good Things Utah hosts Nicea DeGering, Deena Manzanares and Surae Chinn put their French fry testing skills to the test. Manzanares said fries were their “favorite subject.” Started in 1781 in, they were initially known as “Flemish Fries”. Despite their name, French Fries are of Belgian origin and called “frites” and according to DeGering are “incredible and amazing. ” This classic and beloved side dish are an international sensation with a large fan base here in The US and the national snack of The Netherlands.

The lovely GTU ladies taste tested five fries from reputable chain establishments and had to choose from a list of 12 possible establishments where they came from. While the girls are no stranger to fries, we wanted to see how good their recognition of fries were.

The first selection was from In-N-Out burger, which Chinn and DeGering got correct. Second choice was from Redemption Bar & Grill located in Herriman. Chinn had not had them prior and got it wrong and Manzanares guessed Uintah Brewing’s fries. The girls were pleasantly surprised with the fries from Redemption. The store bought frozen fries were planted to throw the girls off their scent which all three hosts got incorrect. DeGering and Chinn guessed Del Taco to which Manzanares was sure they were not from and guessed Utah based Apollo Burger. The fourth fries were from Five Guys which Chinn and DeGering guessed confidentially in unison. “We know our fries.” said Chinn. Manzanares guessed Red Robin. America’s favorite fries from McDonald’s were saved for last. All three women guessed correctly and Chinn said were her favorite. DeGering said the fries from Redemption were her favorite but said “there’s nothing like McDonald’s fries.” Manzanares said McDonalds were her favorite. The fries were purchased the night before and were reheated in an air fryer which rejuvenated their fresh taste.

National Fry Day takes place every Jul. 13. Be sure to swing by your favorite restaurant and grab yourself some of those tasty taters.